Bwooper Adoptions Now Open!

Everyone's favorite internet round boy has arrived in plushie form!

Cuddle buddy, sidekick, or partner-in-crime - no matter how big the adventure, Bwooper is up to the task.

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Want everything? Can't decide? Deck yourself out from head to toe and get a discount while you're at it. Comes with a fourth, bundle-exclusive sticker free!

(Our hoodie is made from 100% cotton and our hat is made from canvas. Cam is 6'3 and wears an XL hoodie. Check FAQ tab for the sizing charts!)

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Bwucket Hat

Matchy matchy! Sport Bwoopy's iconic triple fins and keep the sun off your face with this themed bucket hat, complete with an adjustable velcro strap to size it just right for you.

(Our hat is made from canvas. Available in two size ranges - check the FAQ tab for sizing charts!)


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Life is hard and cold, hoodie warm and soft. Keep yourself cozy with a sweatshirt as squishable as Bwoopy himself! With a plush inner lining and heavyweight construction, you've never been more prepared to give - or receive - the world's best hugs.

(Our hoodie is made from 100% cotton. Cam is 6'3 and wears an XL - check FAQ for sizing charts. Air dry only.)
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Bwooper Stickers Series 2

Add a little soft-boy charm to anything with these vinyl stickers! Choose your favorite of three available designs, or buy them all and get a fourth, bundle-exclusive sticker free!

Stickers are 2 inches along widest dimensions.

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Bring home a bwoop! Round, soft, and just right to hold, Bwooper is ready to jump off the page and into your arms. From pixels to polyfill, this squishy little buddy is just one button click away.

Bwooper is approximately 12" long and 6" tall. 100% Polyester.
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Bwooper Gift Card
Pay it forward! Give the gift of Bwooper to anyone who could use a little more softness in their life.

Your New Best Friend.

Undeniably soft and perfectly huggable.

Bwooper is here to keep you company, rain or shine. Whether you're scaling the tallest mountains or just settling down for a quiet night in, he'll always be happy to stay right by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions Bwooper, anyways?

The best way to describe Bwoopy is that he's just a little guy! He wasn't designed for any specific purpose beyond just being a round soft buddy to keep everyone company. I hope everyone enjoys him as much as I do!

Although he was originally inspired by a similar character in another property, the natural evolution of his design as I continued to draw him over time turned him into his own unique entity. He's become my mascot, in many ways.

So who are you?

I'm Angie! You may know me as @A2Ziegler on Twitter and @Peregrxnans elsewhere. I'm a hobbyist illustrator who spends a lot of time drawing fanart for Overwatch esports. 

Why are you selling through Vite Ramen?

Tim (the CEO) and I met through the aforementioned Overwatch esports and ended up quickly befriending each other. While talking about mascot design and the general process of merchandising, we realized fairly quickly that we had very complementary skillsets: I was great at envisioning, designing, and driving the artistic side of a product line, while Tim knew a ton about product fulfillment and had access to lots of manufacturer contacts. Making some plushies together seemed like a great way for me to create something that I'd otherwise have no clue how to execute, while also giving Tim a way to use his hard-earned logistics knowledge to do something fun. 

The easiest way for us to do this was to use infrastructure that already existed, meaning we'd take advantage of Vite's facilities and servers to sell, pack, and ship all the plushies. That's all! There's no catches or hooks or extra charges that are secretly redirecting your money to some noodle conspiracy. I just happen to be friends with a guy who runs a ramen company, so we're selling through the ramen company's site. Simple as. 

Wait, but what if I want noodles with my Bwooper?

This is definitely not the last project Tim and I will do together, so who knows what the future holds? In the meantime, you can always head over to Vite's main site to give their ramen a try.

How do I take care of Bwooper?

Bwooper is 100% polyester, so just machine wash warm and tumble dry low. No special care required!  Try to keep him away from open flame, though.

Also, give him lots of hugs and kisses. The more you love on him, the softer he gets over time!

Do you ship internationally?

YES! We want EVERYONE who wants a Bwooper to have a chance at getting one. If your country is not listed as an option for international shipping, please message us using the information on the Contact tab, and we'll figure out how to get him to you.

What are your other shipping and refund policies?

Please contact for any returns and refunds or problems with your order! The general policies that we have at apply, but because this isn't a food item, we can accept returns and refunds.


You can find me (Angie) at @A2Ziegler on Twitter for all your Bwooper-related inquiries.

Otherwise, please reach out using the contact form below, and we'll get your questions or comments to the right person!




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