Frequently Asked Questions – Vite Ramen

Frequently Asked Questions

Noodles Questions

How is Vite Ramen Priced?

We're totally aware that our ramen is higher priced than normal, but for good reason. It's well known in the food world that the cheaper your product is, the better your sales will be. Unfortunately, fighting for the bottom dollar often means that the employees who make the food pay the cost: minimum wage, poor working hours and no consideration for mental health or overall/general employee well-being.

Being from a culinary background, we’re intimately familiar with the kind of exploitation that workers can be subject to, and the kind of poverty people can experience even while working twelve hour days. The first step to combating this kind of exploitation is to set up business models that incorporate the negative externalities directly into the price, rather than perpetuate the unsustainable business models that currently exist.

We're putting our money where our mouth is and paying all of our employees a living wage no matter what position they work, giving healthy amounts of PTO and with no questions asked days off for mental health. It's extremely important to us that our employees are treated fairly and that our ramen isn't made at the expense of the people who make it.

Would we be able to make the product cheaper through outsourcing and sell more by decreasing the cost? Yeah, absolutely! But we're not about that. We're not in this to make the biggest profit (in fact, our profit margins are so low we can't afford to sell in supermarkets, which should give you an idea). Factor in the material costs for all the things like quinoa and protein for a healthier ramen and being made in the USA and that's how we set our costs.

In the end, we just want to make the best ramen possible, have an excuse to eat ramen every day, and be proud of what we're doing and the employees who make it happen. And when it comes down to it, each of our meals is still less than the cost of a fast food meal! :)

What are the "patch notes" I see about Vite Ramen

We implement changes to our ramen based on new, evidence based science that becomes available and upgrade our ramen to incorporate new efficiencies and improve flavor! Whenever we do, we always provide what we call Patch Notes that will explain why we made the changes in detail. Check out our latest Patch Notes here.

Is Vite Ramen Organic?

No, Vite Ramen is not organic.

Can I eat the noodles on their own and not the broth?

You can Vite Ramen noodles on their own, but please be aware that you will only get the full nutritional value if you consume the entire product. The nutrition is spread between the soup and the noodles. If you would like to eat the noodles on their own or with a sauce/broth of your own making, please note we now sell Naked Noods which may be the better option for you!

Why MSG?

Where does the protein come from?

The mass majority of our protein is in the noodles and the amount of protein in the seasoning packet varies by flavor. Curious about how it’s made? Check out our blog here:

Is it vegan/halal/gluten free/low carb?

Our Naked Noods, Nanoboost, Vegan White Miso, and Vegan Sichuan Chili Edition are 100% vegan and, to the best of our understanding, halal, while the Chicken, Pork, and Beef are not. However, it should also be noted that they are not certified halal/kosher. Our noodles are also not gluten free or low carb, though it is often requested that we attempt to make gluten free or low carb noodles, we do not have the manufacturing capabillities need to create this kind of product at this time.

How long does Vite Ramen last?

Our ramen has a shelf life of 9 months from the time it’s made, no refrigeration or preservatives needed!

My noodles are past the expiration date, are they safe to eat?

Please do not eat the product if it is at or has passed the use-by date. At all. Not even a nibble.

Shipping Questions

When will my order ship?

Shipping times vary. Orders first will make their way through our Made To Order Process.

International orders are picked up once a week for consolidation shipping, where it first makes its way to a large consolidated port of entry, and may take 2-3 weeks from the “label created” phase to actual shipping due to the customs process involved. Once the package has left our hands, we are not able to change its course.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we have recently opened up to international shipping, though we may not necessarily be able to ship to all countries worldwide dependent on many circumstances outside of our control. Please verify your address at checkout to see if we are able to ship to your location.

Why does my shipping cost $X?

The reality of shipping is that shipping companies give us a cost, and that’s what shows up on our website; we don’t make a single dollar off of it. We unfortunately have no control over it, and being a small business, we have no negotiating power in asking them to lower it.

Also, our ramen is just way, way bigger than the small packets you might see on the supermarket shelves. It’s designed as a complete meal, so it’s larger and heftier than many people might first think!

We’re constantly looking for better solutions, and do our best to help make shipping easier however we can: we offer free rewards for returning customers, and due to how dimensional weight works, the cost of shipping more packets is only a couple dollars more than a basic 9 pack! If you're a fan of our ramen, ordering more at once is the most cost effective shipping rate!

International orders please note that the price shown covers ALL country entry fees, including duties, shipping, customs, and other fees. We do not set these fees and do not receive any of them, as a third party handles all of this for us, and customs and duty fees are set by the respective governments. We understand these prices are steep, but as of now, this is our only way as a small business to legally ship our product through international borders.

Can I edit my shipping info after I’ve placed my order?

There is a chance we can change it, but please send us an email at right away! We’ll do our best to update the address but please be aware once the order has been packed, we cannot change the shipping destination.

Order Questions

Why isn't my discount code working?

Please bear in mind that single orders and subscriptions use different codes, if your code is for a single order it won’t work on a subscription, for example. Some codes have specific qualifiers to be used; a code for a free spoon won’t be able to make a spoon free if you haven’t added one for example. If you're still having issues please reach out to us and we'll assist as soon as possible ( ).

How do I use my gift card?

You can apply the codes as a payment source separate to discount codes, but they can also be used in any discount code box that specifies it accepts gift card codes.

Can I apply multiple discount codes/gift cards?

Unfortunately due to restrictions within Shopify that are beyond our control, you cannot use multiple discount codes on the same order.

Are there bulk discounts?

We don’t currently offer bulk discounts, though, the points you earn can get you some pretty neat stuff like free spoons, free ramen, and even free shipping!

My order shows as delivered and I don’t see it, what should I do?

We don’t handle delivery internally so when orders are marked as delivered or otherwise, it’s the shipping carrier that has made this change in the order's status, and you will need to contact the shipping carrier for any further details or to report lost/stolen packages.

I haven’t received an update on my order, what’s happening?

You can check the progress of your order at any time by signing into your account on our store page! Here you can find your order number and status. If your order has been dispatched from our fulfillment partner, then there should also be an attached tracking code. When you place an order you should receive an order confirmation email which shows your order number and other valuable information.

You can find how long the estimated time to ship is in your order confirmation email and if you haven’t received an email letting you know it’s gone out then please check your spam and promotions folders!

Can I get Vite Ramen in retail stores?

We’re not selling in retail stores yet, as that would significantly increase the price because of all the middlemen involved! Selling online is how we can manage to keep the prices fair and be able to pay everyone a living wage.

Can I find you on Amazon?

General Questions

How do I pronounce Vite?

Just take a big 'Vite' out of our noodles. Like “Bite”, but with a V. One syllable!

How often will these noods show up if I get a subscription?

You can choose between once a month, once every two months, or once every three months! When you create a subscription order, you are commiting to receiving your first two orders, after that you can cancel at any time. You’re not locked in either so you can always get more if you run out!

Holy crap this is the only thing I’m going to eat can I live off nothing but Vite Ramen?

We recommend that you don't, and to maintain a healthy balance of regular foods such as fruits and vegetables. While Vite Ramen contains all of the macro and micronutrients your body needs, it doesn't contain certain non-essential compounds that may still impact your health. It's still important to eat a variety of foods; we just hope to make the times where you can't a little bit easier!

How do I unsee content I saw on Vite Ramen's social media?

Refunds and Replacements

What is your return policy?

I have an issue with my order, what can I do?

Shoot an email to our helpdesk ( ) and we'll help you fix it. Please include your order number and the batch code located on your packet in your email!

Refer a Friend and Rewards Program

How does the referral program work?

We believe sharing noods is caring. So, if you share Vite Ramen with your friends, we’ll give you points for it.

When you refer a friend using your unique URL found at the bottom right, your friend will get a 15% off code sent to their email on their first purchase. There’s no limit to how many friends you can refer! Go ahead and send our noods!

How do I earn points?

We believe in rewarding our customers for their smart purchases. For every dollar spent, you’ll receive 10 points. Sharing on Facebook and Twitter will earn you 100 points. You’ll receive 500 points on your birthday and we start you off with 1200 points just for joining! It’s awesome, we know. :)

What can I redeem with my points?

Using your points, you’ll be able to redeem them for additional coupons, FREE shipping, and FREE 9 pack of Vite Ramen with 3000 points! It’s like saving tickets for the grand arcade prize but better since these are rewards for you!