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Donhiki Maple Walnut Cutting Board

Plastic cutting boards means you’re eating small bits of plastic every time you use it. Glass cutting boards absolutely destroy your knife, and thin bamboo cutting boards warp easily and quickly.

That’s why we chose a hardwood board-- But nothing so easily damaged like acacia or pine, and nothing that would damage your knives like mahogany or teak.

We chose the best woods for hardwood cutting boards: Walnut and Maple.

But why two different kinds of woods?

Sometimes, everything comes together just right. The number “8,” or 八(Ba) is considered lucky because of its pronunciation similarity 发(Fa), meaning fortune or wealth. When designing a cutting board, we wondered, would we be able to do something with that?

A singular type of wood made it difficult. We tried a few designs with just walnut, one of the best woods for cutting boards, but the patterning didn’t show up.

Maple is another highly valued wood for cutting boards, being both extremely durable while not damaging to knives being used on it. Importantly, it’s also a pretty, light golden color that contrasts beautifully against the deep, rich tones of walnut.

So, we brought the two together... and realized. Oh. OH. 8x8 also happens to be the square configuration of a chessboard. Neat.

While it’s definitely not sized properly for chess, we’re certain you could still get a game in on this cutting board if you had the pieces and not a board, but otherwise, it’s just a happy little coincidence. Play a little blitz game against yourself while waiting for things to cook, and master chess and cooking at the same time.

Why not? It’s the only cutting board that you’ll be able to do that with. Get yours today.

Weight: 4.65lbs, or 2,110g
Size: 11 inches x 11 inches, or 27.94cm
Thickness: 1.5 inches, or
Material: Maple Hardwood and Walnut Hardwood w/ rounded edges
Design: 8x8 Auspicious Number Alternating Wood Construction w/ Donhiki Marking

Wash and clean cutting board with soap and water after every use, and dry thoroughly. Do not put in dishwasher. Oil board every month with an appropriate board oil.

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