The Story of Why ADHD Made Vite Ramen and Why Mental Health Month Is S

The Story of Why ADHD Made Vite Ramen and Why Mental Health Month Is So Important To Us.



Hey reader, Tim here.

May is mental health month, and we’re halfway into it. To be honest, I wanted to start doing things at the beginning of the month, and those of you who read some of the previous emails and blogs will see that I had fully intended to do a lot of shorts and content.

There’s a certain irony, then, behind the fact that I haven’t done any of it because... well... the stress, anxiety, burnout, and other mental health pressures have made me unable to do any of it that I wanted to. So, for now, at least, I’m going to just... word vomit, ramble out some of my thoughts, and hope it resonates with some of you, and is at least vaguely coherent. 

Vite Ramen was made before I was diagnosed with ADHD. Back then, if you asked me, I’d say that it helped me a lot when I was depressed, or an anxious bundle of nerves that couldn’t get myself to plan out a meal besides grabbing whatever closest packet of ramen was to make the hunger go away.

Now, I can acknowledge that specifically, it helps with a lot of the troubles of my ADHD-- the inability to plan out meals properly, or, if I do plan them out, remember to actually cook what I have. The point of Vite Ramen being shelf stable, being there, being easy is that traditional healthy meals are hard to do, and this is from the perspective of someone who used to cook professionally at a Michelin Star restaurant!

The more your body struggles from lack of nourishment, the more difficult it is to take care of your mental health as well. This is true both ways, and is part of why it’s unfortunately so easy to spiral and get worse faster as things go south.

My comfort food was ramen, being that shelf stable, easy to make food. And my vision for having healthy ramen didn’t just mean adding a little bit of one thing and calling it a day-- It meant making ramen that could truly be an anchor to my health, both physical and mental, and contain all the nutrients, protein, and fiber I needed.

Making this ramen by abusing other’s mental health by sourcing it to unscrupulous manufacturers overseas, or creating a harsh, profit focused corporate environment was far from the vision and mission we wanted.

That’s why Vite Kitchens is founded and run in quite possibly the hardest way possible, and ironically, something that makes my personal mental health more difficult:

We make our own noodles in our own facility, here in the USA.

We care deeply about mental health at Vite Kitchens, and it’s been boiled(heh, get it) into our company’s core since the very beginning. This commitment isn’t just a policy; it’s a deeply-held belief that guides every decision we make.

This isn’t just some lip service because a corporate analyst said mental health is important to talk about. It’s something I experience every day, and is deeply personal to me.

See, I have ADHD. I suffer from anxiety, depression, and burnout.

So do many of those who work at Vite Kitchens. When Vite Kitchens started, we made a commitment to mental health. That’s why we have a no-questions-asked policy for mental health days, and why we have such flexibility and PTO for EVERYONE at the company, no matter the position, and a 100% paid healthcare, dental, and vision insurance plan so that people can take care of both physical and mental health the best they can.

Our minds need time to rest and recover, just like our bodies.

I’ll end this here, because (hopefully) I’ll be able to get more out in more coherent formats later. But if you’re interested in reading more, I’ve written a lot about how I feel about the traditional “healthy” in previous years.

Read more here:

And thanks for reading, it means a lot to me. For those of you who have gotten this far, here’s a little thank you: use code “MENTALBOOST35” to get 35% off Nanoboost. This 35% will apply to the Nanoboost calculations in the bundles in the link above as well.

After all, Nanoboost was developed for mental health and sensory issues. I’ll talk more about that next time!

Meanwhile, remember to be kind, and savor life’s little victories. It really does make a difference.

-Tim, CEO/Founder Vite Kitchens

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