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Mental Health month.

Every bowl of ramen from Vite Kitchens carries a story - a story of our unyielding commitment to mental health, and our mission to set an example for how all businesses should handle mental health. It's a deeply personal issue, built from our own experiences with ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Burnout, and more. From our no-questions-asked policy for taking time off for mental health, to designing products with how it can help support mental health at the forefront, we stand firm in our mission to better mental health.

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Mental Health Awareness Month Part 1: Why 10 Minutes of Cooking is Lying To You

Mental Health Awareness Month Part 2: Why "Healthy" Isn't One Size Fits All, Neurodivergence, and Sensory Issues

Fast Fuel. Peak Health. Easy Noods.

Give yourself plenty of options to take care of you. Use code MENTALBOOST35 for 35% off Nanoboost in the bundles.

Please note that this will take 35% off the Nanoboost in the bundle, not the entire bundle itself.
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Naked Noods Starter Set

Your Culinary Canvas - Naked Noods + $25 FREE Gifts + FREE SHIPPING

These plant-based noodles are made by us in the USA with quality ingredients like quinoa flour, and a traditional kansui. 
Just ONE scoop of Nanoboost. Elevate your meal to the next level. Difficult to get nutrients like Biotin, K1, K2, D, A, Choline and much, much more can be easily added to just about any meal, all in highly bioavailable forms your body can actually absorb!

This Bundle Includes
  • 12 Naked Noods cakes
  • FREE Pair of Chopsticks
  • FREE Hooked Ramen Spoon
  • FREE High Quality Send Noods and Vite Ramen Stickers


Allergens Include:

*Hooked Ramen Spoon and Chopsticks are not dishwasher safe

*Please Note: Dehydrated noodles are fragile and some breakage along the edges may occur during shipping. Each noodle is still complete and perfectly fine!
Only $ per meal!
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Naked Noods Starter Set
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120 BRICKS of Naked Noods

Got a bad case of loneliness?

Try our Naked Noods case, with 20 packs of 6, which maths out to be 120 noodles!

It won't cure loneliness, but you sure can have a lot of high protein noodles, which is the next best thing!




  • MORE noodles than you can hold!
  • A GIANT BOX. Good for cats, dogs, kids with imagination, or small adults to take short baths in!


Visit: for flavor nutrition info
Only $ per meal!
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120 BRICKS of Naked Noods
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Naked Noods - 12 Pack
Your Culinary Canvas - Naked Noods
  • 2 packs of 6 Naked Noods (12 count total)
High in plant-based protein, these quick cooking robust noodles stand up to anything you throw at them without going soggy! With essential nutrients like iron, B-vitamins, and fiber, Naked Noods are perfect to create perfect stir fries and soups, reinvigorate leftovers, or make crazy wild inventions like noodle burgers or the base of a pizza! Simple single serving sizes means never having to guess how much to make anymore!

Allergens Include:

*Please Note: Dehydrated noodles are fragile and some breakage along the edges may occur during shipping. Each noodle is still complete and perfectly fine!

Only $4.16 per meal!
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Naked Noods - 12 Pack


It’s Only Good For You
If You Actually Eat It

Because let’s face it- Most of the time, eating healthy sucks. It tastes bad, it’s hard to make, and healthy foods have a terrible habit of rotting in your fridge. Yikes.

Making your own food means tons of time and energy you don't have. Oh, and don't forget the dishwashing after!



You’ve tried salads that make your stomach growl and your mind lethargic and miserable. Tiny sandwiches, wraps, you’ve run the gauntlet on these. None of them make you satisfyingly full, and make you dread mealtimes instead of enjoying them.

You’ve tried salads that make your stomach growl and your mind lethargic and miserable. Tiny sandwiches, wraps, you’ve run the gauntlet on these. None of them make you satisfyingly full, and make you dread mealtimes instead of enjoying them.


  • No Energy To Make Healthy Food

  • No Time To Think What's Healthy

  • Can't Figure Out What To Cook
  • Painfully Hard Making Healthy Taste Good

We've Been There Too, So We Made


Vite Ramen is a blend of the old and the new. Cutting edge nutrition and award-winning innovations of the modern era merged with classic techniques and flavors; the memories of broths bubbling away in mom's kitchen combined with Michelin Star restaurant experience to create the ultimate blend of flavor and nutrition.

award winning innovation, Chef Crafted,

nutritionist designed.

"I just received my first order.  I'm in love - seriously in love.  I was skeptical at first because let's face it, healthy a lot of times tastes meh.  But this ramen is amazing and so flavorful.  I was also worried the portions would be too small and leave me feeling hungry right after eating.  Nope, I'm full after every meal and if you know me, you'll know that is no easy feat.  I applaud you and your team Tim. Great work 👍👏"

- Alexander Macias

like health food turned into delicious

time saving noodles.

We believe in people over profits.

We believe that if you race to the bottom dollar, everyone loses.

We have a commitment to ethical business practices, time off for mental health, and respect our people's time with our unique Work Hours Reservations System.

We've Helped Over 100,000 People Change Their Healthy Eating Forever

"I wanted to say thank you for making some of the best and most delicious ramen I've ever had in my life! I love the fact that it's high protein too.

Ramen was my absolute favorite food as a kid and pretty much the only thing I would eat! I'm glad that there is now a healthier ramen available.

I love what you do and am inspired by your story of persevering despite

the odds."

- Donald Wolf

"I am absolutely obsessed and addicted to your noodles. I literally have to ration out my noodles or else I’d eat them all in like a week.

I love that even opening all the packets is EASY! Everything opens up so easy!! No uneven tears, no mess. I know it sounds trivial and maybe even silly lol but it’s true and I totally appreciate that! And I love that everything is recyclable.


That is all, thank you 😊"

- Lisa Albrecht

"I just want to shout out all the good people @ViteRamen for making such a high quality and delicious product.  I often do 10 or 12 hour shifts and when I get home I just need something fast and high in protein and essential nutrients.

Tonight I cooked up some of the Garlic Pork Tonkotsu v3.0... Utensils courtesy of the Vite Ramen starter pack which I highly recommend starting with!"

- Chris B.

founded on

michelin star experience.

Skills earned through a gauntlet of excellence and dedication. We've cut our teeth with the best of the best, and have the scars to prove it.

Flavors crafted with conviction and passion.

patch notes v3.0

We constantly improve Vite Ramen, whether it's nutrition or flavor. Every big change we made gets a "Patch Notes" update, and it's all from listening to what you have to say!
Talk to us and let us know what you think!

The Most Infamous Ramen Videos

ever made.

Top Questions, Our First-Time Customers Ask

How is Vite Ramen priced?

We're totally aware that our ramen is higher priced than "normal ramen", but for good reason.  It's well known in the food world that the cheaper your product is, the better your sales will be. Unfortunately, fighting for the bottom dollar often means that the employees who make the food pay the cost: minimum wage, poor working hours and no consideration for mental health or overall/general employee well-being.

Being from a culinary background, we’re intimately familiar with the kind of exploitation that workers can be subject to, and the kind of poverty people can experience even while working twelve hour days. The first step to combating this kind of exploitation is to set up business models that incorporate the negative externalities directly into the price, rather than perpetuate the unsustainable business models that currently exist.

We're putting our money where our mouth is and paying all of our employees a living wage no matter what position they work, giving healthy amounts of PTO and with no questions asked days off for mental health. It's extremely important to us that our employees are treated fairly and that our ramen isn't made at the expense of the people who make it.

Would we be able to make the product cheaper through outsourcing and sell more by decreasing the cost? Yeah, absolutely! But we're not about that. We're not in this to make the biggest profit (in fact, our profit margins are so low we can't afford to sell in supermarkets, which should give you an idea). Factor in the material costs for all the things like quinoa and protein for a healthier ramen and being made in the USA and that's how we set our costs.

In the end, we just want to make the best ramen possible, have an excuse to eat ramen every day, and be proud of what we're doing and the employees who make it happen. And when it comes down to it, each of our meals is still less than the cost of a fast food meal! :)

How are shipping costs calculated?

The reality of shipping is that shipping companies give us a cost, and that’s what shows up on our website; we don’t make a single dollar off of it. We unfortunately have no control over it, and being a small business, we have no negotiating power in asking them to lower it.

Also, our ramen is just way, way bigger than the small packets you might see on the supermarket shelves. It’s designed as a complete meal, so it’s larger and heftier than many people might first think!

We’re constantly looking for better solutions, and do our best to help make shipping easier however we can: we offer free rewards for returning customers, and due to how dimensional weight works, the cost of shipping more packets is only a couple dollars more than a basic 9 pack! If you're a fan of our ramen, ordering more at once is the most cost effective shipping rate!

International orders please note that the price shown covers ALL country entry fees, including duties, shipping, customs, and other fees. We do not set these fees and do not receive any of them, as a third party handles all of this for us, and customs and duty fees are set by the respective governments. We understand these prices are steep, but as of now, this is our only way as a small business to legally ship our product through international borders.

Why do you add MSG?

MSG is an unfairly demonized ingredient! There's some very interesting history to why it became looked down on, and it's not because of scientific evidence! Check out our blog post about the subject to see why we deliberately included MSG.

Is Vite Ramen vegan/halal/gluten free/low carb?

Our Naked Noods, Nanoboost, Vegan White Miso, and Vegan Sichuan Chili Edition are 100% vegan and, to the best of our understanding, halal, while the Chicken, Pork, and Beef are not. However, it should also be noted that they are not certified halal/kosher. Our noodles are also not gluten free or low carb, though it is often requested that we attempt to make gluten free or low carb noodles, we do not have the manufacturing capabilities need to create this kind of product at this time.

Is Vite Ramen organic?

No, Vite Ramen is not organic.