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Store Reopening, Flavor Cycling, and Tier 4 & 5 Vite Club Perks


Tim here!

It’s been a wild couple weeks even with the orders closed. We’ve implemented a lot of new things lately, which you can read here if you missed the last email/blog post! 

Also last time... I completely forgot to put that the start date of the MYWTMRADYGASFTPDYO System is after re-opening. But hey, most of you were really nice about it anyway! We did have to utilize the “Grouch Policy” once or twice, but overall, everyone was kind when asking about it, so thank you!

Alright, let’s get to the meat of it. First off:

The Vite Ramen Store Reopens April 10th!


Woooooooooo! We’re 100% done with producing all the noodles we need to fulfill all current outstanding orders, and we’re 100% done with packaging as well! 

The remainder of this week, then, is when we’re going to be going HARD on fulfillment with Packthulu and the new systems that have been developed. 

That means most orders should go out this week! The reason I say “most” is because, well, we’re fulfilling Wednesday April 5th, Thursday(6th), and Friday(7th), and while we do have two pickups scheduled, one for Thursday(6th) and one for Friday(7th), the pickup won’t get any packages that we pack towards the later end of the day.

Those packages will go out Monday, April 10th, or Tuesday April 11th, depending on what pickup availability is like.

Something to note here: This does NOT include Spicy Seiso orders. As of the time of this writing, we’re still waiting on the truck for that... which should’ve arrived last week, then Monday, and now (supposedly) today.

ll and any orders containing ONLY Spicy Seiso orders will be packed and shipped out the week of April 10th... y’know... if the truck comes. The other items, like the Donhiki Vegetable Knife, Apron, and Cutting Boards have not arrived yet.

(which also means you have time to get yours if you want one here)

But, under our new Vite Club systems...

Tier 4 and Tier 5 Vite Club Members Will Get Early Access and Priority

For all of you Tier 4 and Tier 5 members, you’ll get early access TOMORROW, April 5th! Priority orders will close Sunday, April 9th so that we can process them and get them ahead of the queue.

Subscribers will get secondary priority in the next batch, and then people who signed up on the special email list on the shop (hint hint), and then everyone else.

Next up: 

Flavor Cycling

One of the harder decisions we’ve had to make is that, instead of trying to keep all flavors in stock all the time as we’ve been trying to do, we’re going to start cycling flavors in and out more often depending on availability.

This significantly reduces the increasing amount of things we need to track in the supply chain, and will streamline a lot of processes down the line. I’m gonna be honest, I’m pretty tired of missing just one or two things from multiple different flavors and taking a ton of inefficiency hits because of it.

With a stronger focus on different flavors being ordered, packaged, and managed, we’re hoping to alleviate some of the supply chain issues we’ve had and be able to make things more consistent everywhere, which, y’know, is the running theme of everything we’re trying to do this year: Make everything more consistent, efficient, and better.

How Flavor Cycling Works:

Every two weeks or so, we’ll cycle flavors in and out based on availability and supply chain complexity. This coincides with how we’re doing MTO batch systems as well, meaning we structure batches, supply chains, and inventories around these two week cycles.

If your favorite flavor cycles out, we’ll do our best to provide updates on when it’ll be back, so keep an eye on your email and our socials!

Notably, subscribers will be largely unaffected by this, as through subscribing, we’re able to make sure we’re ordering enough to cover subscriber orders, so if there’s something you really, really want to keep around all the time, subscribing helps both you and us out!

That being said, sometimes there will be gaps in what we’re able to get, and in those cases, we’ll reach out to all affected subscribers so you can choose to delay until we have it, or replace the subscription with another flavor.

Of course, these are all systems that will need adjustments and fine tuning as we use them. Nothing’s ever going to be perfect the first time, so we’ll keep an ear out and constantly listen to your feedback, and always be improving!

That’s going to be all for today! Keep an eye out, and we’re excited to re-open! Remember to be kind, and as always, I’ll be available to answer questions through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and emails!

-Tim, CEO/Founder Vite Kitchens

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