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Let's talk about MTO changes and our Rewards Program!

Tim here, and me and the office team have been doing nothing but sipping whiskey with our feet kicked back and watching the production team work.


Man, some people actually do that? Wild.

In reality, we’ve taken the time while orders have closed to buckle down on doing a lot of backend systems work that would’ve been really difficult to do while orders were open.

First, here’s where we’re at as of the writing of this post in terms of catching up on everything:

(grafic design is my pashun)

We’re trying to produce everything we can first(storage allowing), then packaging, then next week, move everything out in one big gigantic fulfillment week. We’re well on the way to be able to be done by the end of next week!

Meanwhile, here’s some of the stuff we’ve been doing.

Here’s today’s menu:

Appetizer of MTO changes

Main Course of Subscriber Priority and The MYWTMRADYGASFTPDYO System

Dessert of Vite Club Benefits and VIP Rewards

Let’s get started.

First up: MTO changes. 

Now that we have the full set of orders to finally move and clear through, we’re able to punch the big ‘ol hard reset button on the fulfillment system, which also means that we’re able to deliver much better information on batching.

Now, on the front page, we’ll have which batch the order will be part of, and when the last orders for that batch will close. Once the batch closes, all orders past that date will be part of the next MTO batch. We’ll be working on just the first batch until we’re through with that, then move onto the next batch, closing up orders for the next batch, and so on and so forth.

We’ve also looked into and improved the ways we bypass some weird quirks of the third-party system we use to make sure subscribers are prioritized. With what we’ve got in place now, we’re hoping that those of you who rely on the ramen each month can get it regularly, and hopefully the system won’t be pushing them back anymore.

That means all subscriber orders will have priority for MTO batches, and will be even included into currently working batches if we have the supplies for them, and if not, will be the first thing to get done on the next batch.

But wait! That’s not all!

We’re going to one up that. We know how frustrating waiting can be, so we’re going to do something completely unprecedented.

Introducing the MYWTMRADYGASFTPDYO System, or “The More You Wait The More Rewards And Discounts You Get And Sometimes Free Things Plus Double Your Order” system.



Basically, the longer you have to wait for your order, the more you get rewarded. And we’re putting it all up front, so you can look at it and know that you’re guaranteed these rewards if you’re waiting longer than usual for your order.

Please note: This system is based on when labels are printed and have NOT moved from our warehouse, NOT on delivery, as we cannot control courier services.

These rewards will be done with our current Smile Rewards. Also, they just introduced a neat thing where you don’t need to have an account anymore to use it, which hopefully makes things easier too!

Here’s how it works:

The day of the order is Day 0, and we use PST. If the order is made January 1st, then January 2nd is day 1. Each set of 5 business days counts as one week, and therefore, on January 30th, you can email to request the 20th day rewards.

We will provide some wiggle room here and there for nice and kind people. Being a grouch will get you nowhere. We reserve the right to cancel this program for grouches.

0 - 19 business days: No additional rewards yet, but did you know you can earn rewards through our program by simply following us on Twitter and Instagram, as well as sharing and referrals?

20 business days: Email us for 400 points added to your account, the equivalent point gain of spending an additional $50!

30 business days: Email us for 800 points added to your account, the equivalent point gain of spending an additional $100! We’ll also refund you 10% of the original order cost.

40 business days: Email us for 800 points, the equivalent point gain of spending an additional $100, and we’ll refund you 25% of the original order cost on top of the previous 10%.

50 business days: Email us, and your order is free. And we’ll send double the order.

And there you go! The MYWTMRADYGASFTPDYO System will begin when we re-open orders in the coming weeks.

We know we’re not perfect, and there are things we can improve. There’s a lot of things we unfortunately can’t control, but we’ll continue to do the things that we can do.

Finally, our new and improved Vite Club Benefits and VIP Rewards!

I’ve included emojis to make it more interesting and less block of text. I’ve been told it makes it more fun. Or something. Man, I dunno, I still don’t use emojis normally. Does that make me a boomer? Am I old?


🌟 Vite Club Benefit Rundown 🌟

  • Earn 8 points for every $1 spent
  • Earn 552 points with a 9-pack purchase
  • Rack up 1200 points by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and signing up for our newsletter
  • Score Rewards!

🤝 Referrals and Giveaways 🤝

  • Refer a friend and both you and your friend get $10 each!
  • Exclusive giveaways for Tier 4 and 5 members
  • Special giveaways just for Tier 2 and 3 members

🎁 Amazing Rewards You Can Redeem 🎁

  • $5 Coupon - 300 points
  • 10% off - 900 points
  • Free Utensil - 1500 points
  • Free Nanoboost - 2300 points
  • Free Shipping up to $25 - 2700 points
  • Free 12 pack Naked Noods - 2700 points
  • Free VRGO - 3000 points 
  • Free 9-Pack - 3300 points
  • And more added depending on what y’all want to see!

🔥 VIP Tier System 🔥

NOTE: These points are based on total points accumulated since January 2022, rather than points that exist in the account.

  • Tier 1 (0 points): The default tier for everyone
  • Tier 2 (800 points): Get access to exclusive Tier 2 giveaways
  • Tier 3 (2,000 points): Enjoy a one time $15 reward and 10% off for entering this tier, plus access to Tier 3 surveys and giveaways
  • Tier 4 (4,500 points): Unlock one time free shipping up to $25 and a one time $25 code for entering this tier, plus early access to releases, double points every 1st of the month, Tier 4 special discounts, priority customer support during heavy email days, exclusive giveaways, and more
  • Tier 5 (8,000 points): Get one time free shipping code up to $30 and a one time $50 code for entering this tier, plus earliest access to releases, double points every 1st of the month, VIP survey, exclusive Discord role, Tier 5 exclusive discounts, streamlined customer support, exclusive giveaways, and more

And there ya go! That’s some of the things we’ve been working on in the backend. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send an email or ask on social media! 

Remember to be kind and rest well. 

-Tim, CEO/Founder Vite Kitchens

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  • This seems to have gotten a little complicated. I just want my Naked Noods, I love them! Marathon training will be starting and they are a perfect recovery food for me. I am on subscription, so from what I can tell, I will get them as usual. Thanks for all the hard work! Just keep the noodles coming.

    Patricia Clarke

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