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Gijinkas And Other Weeb Things
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The VR:GO Soy-San and Spicy-Senpai duo would NEVER AWP abuse...

...They camp corners with Mag-7 and ferrari peek with P90s instead. They like it more up close and personal. They also have never made it out of gold nova
"What's your phone doing there?" Miso-Chan asked.

"That? Oh, I record exercises to check form," Garlic-Kun replied.

"If I do that when I work out, can I be like you?"

"One day! Just learn to love protein shakes!"


“As much as I’d love to, I can’t really teach you...” Vite-Sensei trailed off, glancing over at Miso’s textbook.
“Restriction-site associated DNA sequencing?” Miso-Chan quipped hopefully.
“Yes. That.”
“Booo.” Miso-Chan pouted.
“Miso-Chan... I teach high schoolers.”

Happy Lunar New Year 2022!
“They're pushing left!” Vite-Sensei warned.

“10 seconds until Cata!” Spicy-Senpai snarled, “Hold!”

“Stunning them, should give you-”

“Hitting them now!”

Colors flashed on their screens, and the moment hung for an eternity.


"I uh... Also made you a cup," Soy-San said awkwardly, "It just..."

"I needed it." Vite-Sensei smiled, "Thank you."

"Wait." Soy-San paused. "How many cups have you had today?"

"Four?" Vite-Sensei tapped her chin, "Five? I'm not sure, honestly."

"...You should get some sleep."
Friendship is sparring, beating each other up, and getting food afterwards.

Spicy-Senpai and Soy-San probably do this more than they should.
"Last day of the bulk, I see." Soy-San observed, equal parts concerned and impressed.

"Mmph." Garlic-Kun never looked away from her 14th bowl of ramen.

"Is this... healthy?"

Garlic-Kun shook her head, and continued slurping.

"Understandable, have a nice day."

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