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What Exactly Is Nanoboost?

Alright, alright. I can hear y’all already-- "Tim, what exactly is Nanoboost, and where did this come from?"

Well, the short of it is, it's basically how I ended up making Vite Ramen in the first place-- That is to say, I was doing something myself often, and then realized, wait, maybe other people might want this too.

See, one of the fun things about Vite Ramen R&D is that we get a lot of fun ingredients to play with, and I’ll often snag them from the R&D room to play with. Whether that be aroma oils to throw into dishes, seaweed powders, or nutrients, I’ve made it a habit of just chucking stuff into things I cook for fun and to boost nutrition.

Especially during the v3.0 testing phase, when we were taste testing each and every nutrient type (really don’t recommend this, it’s not good), there would be blends we would test and I thought "hey, why not throw it into the stir fry I’m making, or the stew, or sauce to just boost the nutrients?"

So that’s basically where it came from. I’ve been adding a scoop of Nanoboost into almost every meal I cook, which is honestly pretty awesome because it fills in all the nutritional gaps I may have. If I’m constantly using Nanoboost, I can feel a lot better about mixing Nanoboost into some mug brownies and downing protein shake for dinner, which...

Look, if it fits your macros/calories/nutrition, right?

I think currently, we’re constantly assaulted on all sides by perfect looking people with perfect looking bodies all over social media, and people shaming us into eating perfectly all the time. I ain’t got time or energy to be working out 3 hours a day and measuring every piece of food that goes into my mouth. I work out when I can, eat healthy when I can, and sometimes, you just gotta eat nothing but ready made foods, takeout, and sleep in to recover from your exhaustion, right?

Nanoboost, for me, isn’t about optimization and being “peak perfect” all the time, but to be able to get away with a little more, live life a little happier while still feeding my body the stuff I need, no matter what it is I choose to eat. Knead Nanoboost into a burger? Yup. Mac n Cheese? Sure. Mix it into a pre-prepped frozen meal? Done that too.

Can you use it to hyper-optimize every meal too? Absolutely! But that’s kind of the beauty behind Nanoboost. It unlocks that freedom for you, whether your ideal is to reach for the pinnacle of nutritional perfection, or if you’re busy and stressed and tired and just want to keep yourself as functional as possible while you tackle your way through the mountain of stuff you have to do.

As of writing this blog post, we’re in the middle of prepping for the release of v3.0, release of Nanoboost, and setting operations to hedge against the holiday supply chain mess, so you can guess which path I’m currently on :^)

So, I guess the end of it is simply that I’ve been using this to help myself stay nutritionally sound, because there are times when even I don’t feel like eating Vite Ramen (gasp, scandalous), and want to be eating other stuff that’s maybe not so great for me. Figured if I’m doing it, then surely other people might get some benefit out of it too, right?

This project came together really quickly based on what we could get and what we had on hand in that regard. I’d been already using old Advanced.gg (shoutout to them, awesome guys) containers for my own nutrient blends, so it just made sense to source that kind of container and packaging, and see what we could get through. Half the reason this is happening is so I can have a ready supply for myself... but we don’t talk about that :^)

There’s a super limited supply because we don’t want to overcommit resources at the moment. In theory we should be getting Nanoboost out a lot faster, but we’re setting it at 2 months because... man, nothing’s been on time this year, so we want to temper expectations.

But from here on out, it’ll be about your creativity and how you use Nanoboost. We’ve also had good success just throwing it directly into Advanced.ggor energy drink blends, but YMMV. Show us how you use Nanoboost, and let me know your thoughts! I’ve been thinking about if it’d even be a good idea to put some soluble fiber in it, as that’s something I know I could personally use more of. Think of this as Nanoboost v1.0, the very first iteration, and we’ll improve it from here depending on what people suggest and want!

Hope you enjoy! Looking forward to what you guys can do with Nanoboost!



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