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Subscription Updates


Let’s start with the deals and stuff for you!

First thing’s first: Get 20% off subscriptions with code BDAYSUBSCRIPTIONS!



There are also the much requested MYSTERY Subscriptions now too! I’ll cover that a bit later.

There are a few updates to subscriptions that I’d like to go over as well, in the name of transparency. First, our flat rate shipping for subscriptions is going to $7.50, as shipping costs have crept up. We haven’t changed this rate for years, but it’s definitely at a point where we can’t just tank it all anymore.

Still the same flat rate no matter how much you’re buying though!

We’ve also seen an unfortunate increase in the amount of people abusing the “pause” function. Look, the flat rate shipping and discounts for subscriptions are there because we want to give as many benefits as possible to subscribers, as subscribing really helps us get stable and predictable income, which in turn helps us be able to commit to the things that we do like health insurance and other benefits for our people.


The first subscription order loses us money when we give discounts like the one we’re doing. We roughly break even on the second one, depending on how much is purchased, and then it’s really the third one and onwards that we’re actually making money on.

There are a lot of people who start new subscriptions and then pause indefinitely. That’s not cool, and hurts us as a small business. While we understand there are needs for pausing, half of the current “subscribers” we have are one time orders, paused indefinitely. We also need to pay a third party to maintain the subscriber system, which of course gets more expensive as more people are on it.

In order to prevent abuse and hemorrhaging money that we can’t afford, we’re putting a pause... on the pauses. At least, being able to do it from just pressing a button. You can still email us to pause subscriptions, but this should (hopefully) significantly cut down on the problems we’ve been having with the pause system abuse.


Now, Mystery Subscriptions! It’s been requested a bunch, and we finally figured out how to wrangle the dozen systems we have into making it work. This is, essentially, a randomized subscription that will send random sets of flavors to your doorstep!

Importantly, there are NO replacements or exchanges in these, or it would make things way too complicated for us from a logistics perspective. If you have allergies or other dietary restrictions, please subscribe to just the flavors that you don’t have problems with!

Some benefits of the Mystery Subscriptions are:


-9 or 18 Pack Mystery Sub

-Flavors in bundle can vary

-Flavors rotated at the start of each month

-May receive collab or limited edition packs that are not regular subscription products


Some selections of Mystery Subscriptions are:

-ADHD Ramen

-I Probably Have A Gacha Problem

-Surprise Me

-Variety Is The Spice of Life

-Executive Dysfunction Pack


Choose wisely :^)


Remember to use code BDAYSUBSCRIPTIONS to get 20% off subscriptions, and get yourself a Mystery Subscription today!

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  • When I saw the message you were ending subscription pausing, my heart sank. I came to the blog to see the details.
    I’m sorry people were abusing the pause function- that said, I’m so relieved you didn’t completely end it!
    I just used it for the first time because, between massive dental bills and the demise of my beloved 21 yo Subaru, I am going to have trouble paying the bills for a while.
    Without the pause function, I would have had to cancel, which I really dreaded doing.

    The email solution is a good one- thank you again for keeping it available. I’ll restart in the fall, once my teaching checks start coming in!
    Oh, and Happy Birthday, to my favorite catboy, Tim!


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