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Spicy Seiso’s Stray Safari and Savory Secret

Hi Reader, one stressed out Tim here to tell you the story about how Spicy Seiso nearly became the Lost Flavor.

See, there had already been some frustrating delays because of the California Winter Storms, of which the state of fire and earthquakes was wholly unequipped to deal with. The fact that we had three months of storms just made the whole thing a logistical nightmare, but finally, we got all the ingredients together, blended, stuffed into sachets, and they were on their merry way to us for final packaging.

Until the water nation attacked. Again.

We thought it was going to be fine when the truck confirmed a pickup. Even though it was many days late, there was a palpable relief, a collective sigh released from everyone when we heard the screech of poorly fitted brakes roll into our backdoor.

And then we opened up the back.

“Where’s... all the pallets?” we asked, hearts sinking.
“I dunno,” came the response, paired with a disinterested shrug, “I’m just the driver.”

Out of seven pallets we were supposed to receive, we only received two. And on those two pallets, there wasn’t a single sachet of Spicy Seiso.
Well, fuck.

All hands on deck. The Mission: Overcome social anxiety of our largely introverted team to call everyone and everything that had to do with the shipment, and find where it went.

Dock sweeps were initiated. Everyone pointed fingers at everyone else in the logistics chain. But somehow, somewhere, they managed to find it, and loaded it onto another truck, which made another trip to our facility, and kept us waiting with bated breath again as the back opened up again and--

There were only three pallets there.



Long story short(ish), the last few pallets were finally discovered, and finally made their way over to us, and we were finally able to pack some Spicy Seiso.

The (almost) Lost Flavor.

Whew. What a wild ride. Once we finally got it in our hands, the first thing I did was to eat enough of it to make myself sick from the amount of spice I was ingesting bring it over to my parents’ place, where my mom made mapo tofu out of the Noodtrient pouch and aroma oils!

It’s crazy easy to make and so delicious that, were you to serve it to people who didn’t know just how incredibly easy it was to make, would swear that you spent hours and hours refining spice blends, sauteeing aromatics, and putting all kinds of ingredients together to make something with so much complexity and depth of flavor!

Then, you can bask in the praise knowing that you also served something super nutritious to them too, and lounge in that sweet, sweet serotonin.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell :^)

(and if you don’t have anyone to serve it to, just eat it yourself... the synergistic numbing and spice will make the serotonin in your brain for you)

So what’re you waiting for? Go get some Spicy Seiso today before it becomes a Lost Flavor, and go try out my mom’s mapo tofu recipe with it!

-Tim, CEO/Founder Vite Kitchens

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  • The Spicy Seiso is a little TOO spicy for me. Any recommendations to cool it down?
    I was thinking of combining it with another flavor, so 2 servings of seiso/white miso for example. thanks.
    Also, the bottom of the dry sachet packet was completely glued to the outer bag.

    Jim Ranish

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