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Share Life's Little Victories

You blinked, and there’s only a month of the year left. Where did it all go?

So much has happened, a whirlwind of stories and emotions and events that steal the wind from our lungs.

All that time, all that effort, and we’ve barely taken a step forwards, straining and struggling just to keep from being pulled under.

It’s exhausting. It’s all too easy to look at it with dull, hopeless eyes and despair, to think, “What’s the point?” It’s too easy to fall into cynicism, wrapped in a dense cloak of existential fog that diffuses even the brightest joys in your life.

If you’ve been reading my emails and blogs(Which, thank you so much if you do <3, the comments make me super happy), you’ll see that I’ll generally sign off with:

“Remember to be kind, and savor life’s little victories.”

I do this because man, the way we do things is stressful. We try to do everything the way we believe it should be done-- People before profits, marketing without dubious health claims, and making it all in the USA ourselves.

But it’s hard. It’s really, really hard. In the times when my body feels like it’s falling apart and my mind frays to the barest of threads, I sit and wonder what it could be like if we just... didn’t do it the right way. If we took the investor money, and outsourced overseas, and told people that our ramen would somehow make people lose weight and a thousand other dubious things...

Would we be happier? Would things be easier? Would a guilty conscience be simpler to deal with?


But it’s why the little victories along the way, those infinitesimally small moments of happiness and joy are so incredibly important to our well being. Progress isn’t linear, after all. We’ll sometimes leap upwards, grinning in euphoric glee, and other times tumble down from our heights, seething with frustration.

We can reach towards our dreams, fight our way towards the goals that we desperately want to grasp, and lose sight of why we started in the first place. We get lost in the future while we forget to exist in the present.

Enjoy the little things. Enjoy the crisp winter air that flushes your cheeks, indulge in the comforting warmth of that beautiful morning cup of coffee, surrender yourself to the rhythmic melody of raindrops dancing on the rooftops. Connect with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while, remember the stupid little trick you tried that fixed everything, scroll through the pictures of those moments you took but never found the time to look back on.

These are the things that make life vivid and wonderful and beautiful. To exist in the moment, to be mindful of all the tiny, little joys that surround us, to practice the little bits of gratitude, and to sometimes, sit, stop, and take that moment to savor life’s little victories.

We want to see your little victories, and your moments throughout the year. Anything and everything, from learning to chop onions to learning a new skill to finally organizing that closet you’ve been meaning to dive through.

Because, after all, life’s just a little better when we all share our happiness, isn’t it?

-Tim, CEO/Founder Vite Kitchens

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