New Orders Pausing 3/20/2023 – Vite Ramen

New Orders Pausing 3/20/2023

The Great New Order Pause

Tim here.

Let’s cut to the chase. Monday, 3/20, will be the last day we’re accepting orders for an indeterminate amount of time, so if you want to get an order in, then do it now.

But also, to assuage any fears anyone might have, Vite Ramen is NOT closing down.

Rather, we’re closing orders for one simple reason: To catch up, and get ahead on production.

As many of you know, we’ve been plagued with issues for quite a while now. Whether it’s a global pandemic, getting rocked by supply chain problems, global conflicts affecting grain availability and pricing, or fulfillment swapovers and issues, or machine breakdowns, it’s been a struggle and a half trying to keep everything running, everyone paid, and deliver orders in the timeframes that we want.

It always feels like a game of catchup, because... well, it is. If the world keeps throwing “unprecedented events” at you, then sometimes, the best you can do is try and weather the storm and survive.

Well, I’m kind of fed up with all that, as I’m sure everyone else is as well.

We have no Venture Capital investors, and we have no gigantic stack of cash to sit on. We have next to no cash reserves because we need to send money out 3-6 months ahead of time to secure supplies. That means from a cash and capital position too, we’re always walking a tightrope of juggling expenses and payments while having to predict the future 3-6 months ahead of time.

So, the prospect of just shutting down orders to catch up on everything is very difficult and scary. It’s always been an option, technically, but the question was always: How do we make sure everyone is still being paid? How do we make sure we can keep paying bills? How do we survive for however much downtime is needed to catch up?

And... y’know what? To be honest with you? I’m not entirely sure. I just know that doing this is ripping off the bandaid, and hopefully eating some real painful short term hurt for better long term needs.

I’ll figure it out. We’ve managed to survive everything else, and we can survive this.

This means that for however many weeks or months it takes to fully complete all orders, we will not be accepting new orders. Subscription orders will continue to go out, but new subscriptions will similarly not be accepted after March 20th, 2023.

So, get your order in now if you want to have your Vite Ramen for however long. I’ll be giving updates on our progress via email and socials and what’s going on throughout the duration of the pause.

Meanwhile, make sure you get your orders in here:


Thanks for sticking with us and supporting us, and here’s to hopefully a brighter, better future.

-Tim, CEO/Founder Vite Kitchens


  • I missed the pause deadline but im looking forward to my first order when you guys get back too production!

  • All the best things are worth the wait! 🙃

    Hope the catch up goes smoothly; and, hey, maybe you’ll even get to take a deep breath🤞🏻

  • Sorry to hear how hard things have been. The world is turned upside down since 2020 but i hope you will be able to right your self with a little time. Best of everything and many blessings. Keep on praying and working as hard as you do, and I can’t wait for an + update!

  • Oops, I missed the part about subscriptions being honored, so just added a buttload more ramen thinking we’d be going without. I guess we’ll be eating A LOT all the time. I’m nervous that you’ve gotten in over your heads and won’t be able to honor all these last minute orders. Please reassure us all.

    Janet Thew
  • Sorry to here this i understand its a crazy world. Hope you guys can figure it out.

    Caesar Seijas

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