While most companies would likely just silently increase the prices, we believe in transparency and communication, and doing our best to keep everyone informed on what’s going on and what drives the decisions behind what happens at Vite Kitchens.

Alright, let’s start out with the important information:

On May 13th, Naked Noods will be increased in price from $29.97 per 12 pack to $36.67. If you want to keep the current price, then subscribing will let you keep the current price so long as your subscription remains active.

Vite Ramen and other products will NOT have a price increase.

Let’s talk about why.

As everyone is likely very well aware of, food prices have been rising, and this has affected us as well. By and large, we’ve been doing our best to mitigate any price increases and just absorb the cost ourselves, but this is something we can’t do forever. As supplier after supplier after supplier increases their prices, we, too, will have to increase our pricing.

Chicago SRW Wheat Futures Quotes - CME Group

Chicago SRW Wheat Futures Quotes - CME Group

As of the writing of this blog post, May 9th, 2022, Wheat Futures prices have been the highest they’ve been since the recession in 2008. At the start of the year, one contract went for $758. Now? It’s going for $1,108.50, which is a staggering +46.24% change. Oof.

Initially, we held on, hoping wheat and grain pricing would slow their increase early in the year, but escalating global situations, culminating into the reprehensible invasion of Ukraine has spiked global food prices even further, as Ukraine is one of the global suppliers of wheat.

While we don’t source our wheat from Ukraine, the loss of that supply means that other manufacturers from all over the world will begin to bid on other wheat supplies from elsewhere, driving prices up globally, and, unfortunately, puts immense pressure on our production as well.

Naked Noods, being 12 noodles, uses the most flour and production processes out of our facility, and therefore suffers the greatest impact by these changes.

Which, in that case, why aren’t we raising the price on Vite Ramen? Well... we could... but right now, we’d rather not. We’re going to continue eating the price increases on Vite Ramen for the time being, for as long as possible. Because there are other ingredients and other materials that make up the packet, we’re splitting the flour cost increase of the partial material content of Vite Ramen, but because Naked Noods is made only of the noodles and, therefore, the wheat also contained within, forces us to raise pricing.

For those of you who want to keep the current pricing, we will honor the current price for everyone who subscribes to Naked Noods, with a deadline of May 12th, 11:59PM PST. After that, pricing will be adjusted to the new price.

As always, we thank you for your continued support, and hope you’ll continue that support into the future as well.

-Tim Zheng, CEO/Founder

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