Fulfillment Batch Updates, Broken Noodle Machines, Snow, and Naming Finals

Tim here!

From fulfillment updates to broken noodle machines, and snow in California, we got a lot of stuff going on. Check out all the updates with the button below.

Make sure you check out the video description too to find the 10% off and special ramen!

Don’t like videos? Here’s the short text version.

1. Came up with a new fulfillment method. It’s stupid efficient. Maybe too much so.

2. Amethyst(our noodle machine) suffered a catastrophic failure. Repairs attempted. Worked, then broke again. Assessing root cause, repairs ongoing. Some orders with printed labels will be affected.

3. Snow. Weird. Technically graupel, not snow.

4. Naming paper machine goes to final round.

Want more details? Go watch the video!

Meanwhile though, the FINAL ROUND of the naming tournament arc is here. It’s time to vote... and get 10% off after you vote, along with a link to a very special kind of ramen...

That’s all for today! Remember to be kind, and that progress isn’t linear.

-Tim, CEO/Founder Vite Kitchens

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