Yuzu Shoyu! Yes, this flavor is fully vegan!

What’s a yuzu and what’s a shoyu, you ask? We’ll cover that in the next blog post! Also, all sales of this flavor will help support girl_dm, with or without her code! First, let’s talk about how this flavor is going to be released. 

LQ and MTO are still in full swing(not sure what those are? Check out this blog post: ), so we can’t do a full, normal release. Yuzu Shoyu supplies are arriving sparsely, and so we’ll be releasing them as such. But hey, why not make that a little fun, too?

For that, we’re going to be doing our first CHAOS DROPS. These drops will be fast. They’ll be sudden. They’re extremely limited. They’ll come out of nowhere, and offer wild, crazy deals and special items that can ONLY be gotten through the drops.

2AM email? Yeah, sometimes. 4PM SMS? Keep an eye out. Tweet that stays up for only five minutes? Also that.


Subscribers will still get early access to this flavor, but if you want all the special goodies and special deals? CHAOS DROP ONLY.

Normal sales will be available mid-April, pending supply chain. Chaos Drops allow us to deliver smaller quantities earlier, along with special, handmade items.

There will be 4 ways you can find these extremely limited drops:

1) Sign up for emails at:

2) Sign up for SMS at:

3) Follow Girl_dm on Twitter at:

4) Follow Vite Ramen on Twitter at:


And remember to turn Twitter notifications on for @Girl_Dm_ and @ViteRamen!


These Chaos Drops will be done on ONE PLATFORM AT A TIME. When a Chaos Drop lands on SMS, that will be the ONLY place that you can find the special link for it. 

And what are the special deals, bundles, and items? Well... Sign up, and we’ll be revealing them tomorrow, April 5th on the aforementioned lists and platforms :^)

If you keep up with our Twitter(which you totally should,, it’s where we’re the most active), then you might’ve caught our April Fool’s joke with the mayo obsessed green AI cat Vtuber, Girl_DM, where we actually made a can of Mayo Nanoboost Vitality, which was Nanoboost + mayo + other functional ingredients, then carbonated and canned, which... tasted about as good as you’d expect :^)

Here’s a fun little intro to her:


Note: While she does speak Japanese, her streams are in English


She also ate some really, really old mayo ramen we also had made her a while back, which she washed down with the mayo Nanoboost Vitality…  now, to be clear, none of these items were meant for human consumption, and were made for novelty use only.  We also begged her several times not to consume them.


She ate and drank them anyway, but she’s a cat, so that’s fine... right?





For those of you who don’t know what a vtuber is... one, you’re missing out, two, vtuber stands for “Virtual YouTuber”, but has essentially expanded to anyone who livestreams utilizing some form of digital avatar instead of their real life self. 


This allows for greater flexibility in certain creative freedom and expression of content, among other benefits. Within the limits of this blog post, however, I’ll refrain from going on too much about Vtubers-- If you’re curious, follow @Girl_Dm_ on twitter and have fun falling down the vtuber rabbit hole. She’s a fantastic streamer and entertainer!


But, long story short, our first released Partner Flavor will be with her! It’s a flavor that she thought up and we went back and forth on developing until she was happy with it, and then we got it into production. We finalized the recipe close to a year ago at this point, but our good ‘ol reliable villain supply chain problems has delayed the flavor all the way until now.


As an aside, girl_dm’s flavor was actually not the first Partner Flavor that we made, though it was very shortly after the first one. The first planned Partner Flavor is with another special Partner of ours that we’ve worked with a lot over the last few years, and we’ve done a lot of stuff with them before. He may have already dropped a hint in one of our tweets at one point, if anyone’s feeling particularly detective like...


Anyway, a bit of background-- Girl_dm and Vite Ramen go back before she became a vtuber. Once upon a time, when the Tier 2 Overwatch scene flourished, and there was more hope in Overwatch Contenders, we sponsored a lot of Tier 2 Overwatch Contenders, like Revival, in which 2/2 players who bathed in our ramen made it to the Overwatch League(PaintBrush and Apply) along with being blocked by Kephrii for defending Aspire (Revival ---> Toronto Defiant ---> Vancouver Titans), Third Impact, where things happened like covering the plane ticket for then Third Impact player Ir1s to fly to the Third Impact team house, and eventually get signed for Atlanta Reign and now Houston Outlaws!

Well, that’s probably enough reliving the glory days of T2 Overwatch with extremely poorly formatted, grammatically incorrect run-on sentences. It’s no secret that Vite Ramen would’ve never been started if I hadn’t been playing in collegiate TESPA Overwatch, as it was the combination of powerlifting, Overwatch scrims, and classes that made me want to make a ramen that was high protein and nutritious, and so even after graduation, I’d personally invested into the T2 Overwatch just for the sake of loving the game and the competitive scene.


Girl_dm was, back then, a memer who we’d see in our comments fairly often, and was fairly well known for her witty comments and her involvement in the Tier 2 overwatch scene. A few years passed by, and one day, when I was asking about finding an Overwatch League clip on the Vite Ramen Twitter, she responded, and I clicked on her profile to message her.


Oh! What's this?

She’d been a vtuber for almost a year!


So we got to talking, and that’s how this whole thing started. Okay. Whew. That was a bit longer than I meant for it to go on for, but I couldn’t resist talking about Overwatch and the history of girl_dm for a bit. 

For those of you who missed the April Fool’s collaboration, here’s a couple links to catch you up:

How It’s Made Mayo Nanoboost Vitality video:

Girl_dm’s stream of her eating mayo ramen and drinking Mayo Nanoboost Vitality:


Tim and girl_dm taking whiskey spiked Mayo Nanoboost Vitality together:

All the Mayo products... and where the signup forms are that you’ll want to sign up for:

That’ll be it for today’s blog post. Keep an eye out for the next one that talks more in depth about what Yuzu Shoyu is, the design of the Yuzu Shoyu flavor, and the collaboration process between us and girl_dm!

-Tim Zheng, CEO/Founder Vite Ramen, who still isn’t sure if he’s signing off blog posts the same way every time

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