5 Years and Counting: The Story of Vite Ramen

5 Years and Counting: The Story of Vite Ramen

I’m Tim. Founder, excitable idiot, and carrying the begrudgingly accepted and unwanted title of CEO. This month, on October 16th, it will be our 5th year anniversary.

Sort of.

I want to tell a story. My story. No, not just mine-- The story of everyone and everything that has been touched by what we built.

I’d wanted to get this out on Sunday, then Monday, the beginning of the month, but... there was so much swirling around in my brain, so many ideas, concepts, stories I’ve never told that I was overwhelmed, paralyzed.

I had so much to say, and no way to figure out how to express it all.

I’ll have candid videos coming out. Short form, longer form, whatever I can manage.

I’ll have blogs and written pieces. Maybe taking another shot at poetry as well, and these stream-of-consciousness expressions.

I know this is something many of you, maybe most of you, won’t be interested in. And that’s okay. But it’s something that’s been welling up in me, building up pressure and straining against every fiber of my being for years and years.

There’s a certain irony that, despite wanting to be a storyteller, despite writing and reading and studying so much, I haven’t been able to really tell Vite’s story very well. There’s been bits and pieces, updates and as much transparency as we can do, but...

Our story, our pains and struggles, everything that we are, everything that we believe in, and all those innumerable, untold stories left abandoned...

I want to write them. I want to show them. I want them to be heard.


In theory, the company was founded October 16th, 2016, but the early years were all spent on permits, building, development, and all that sort of fun stuff.

2018 was when we revealed Vite Ramen to the world through our Kickstarter, which to this day, still holds the honor of being the most funded edible food Kickstarter ever.
2019, we began to sell to the public.
Which then, in theory, makes 2023 the 5th year anniversary of Vite Ramen, even though 2016 was the “technical” founding date. Weird how that works right? It’s not very straightforward.
But, things never are here.
The story that we’ll be telling over the month won’t be a linear one. It won’t be something just about the events that happened, one after the other; rather, it’s a story about people, emotions, dreams and desires, failures and pains.
A catharsis of sorts.
Today, it’ll start simple-- An introduction, and a short video about being a “CEO” with ADHD, and the complex, frustrating feelings surrounding it.

- Tim, “CEO”/Founder Vite Kitchens

All links to future stories and blogs will have a link in our about us page.

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