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Savor life's little victories.

Savor life's little victories.

your health. easy as ramen.

your health.

easy as ramen.

No venture capital. ever.

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Naked Noods Starter Set

over 1.5 million noodles delivered

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Naked Noods Starter Set
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  • Convenient, healthy meals🌟
  • 23g Quinoa Based Complete Plant Protein. 💪
  • 6g Prebiotic Fiber  🥦
  • No Palm Oil. No Frying. No Preservatives. 💖
  • Delicious Flavors Rated 5/5 by Ramen Rater 🌟
  • Up to 31g Quinoa Based Complete Protein. 💪
  • 27+ Nutrient Rich Vitamins And Minerals 🌟
  • 7g Prebiotic Fiber = 2 Cups Of Broccoli 🥦
  • No Palm Oil. No Frying. No Preservatives. 💖

“I was skeptical at first because let's face it, healthy a lot of times tastes meh. But these noodles are amazing and so flavorful. I was also worried the portions would be too small and leave me feeling hungry right after eating. Nope, I'm full after every meal and if you know me, you'll know that is no easy feat. I applaud you and your team Tim. Great work 👍👏”

    - Alexander Macias

over 1.5 million noodles delivered

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Your Favorite Recipes. Our Plant-Based, High Protein Noodles.

You Get All This From

One Naked Noods Brick:

  • 💪


  • 💖


  • 🥦


  • B-VITAMINS (like B12)


we craft noodles the right way.

Small Business.

People Over Profits.

We believe that if you race to the bottom dollar, everyone loses.

We have a commitment to ethical business practices, time off for mental health, and respect our people's time with our unique Work Hours Reservations System.

Our prices reflect the reality of doing business the right way.

It’s Only Good For You
If You Actually Eat It

Most of the time, eating healthy sucks. It tastes bad, it’s hard to make, and healthy foods have a terrible habit of rotting in your fridge. Yikes.

Making your own food means tons of time and energy you don't have. Oh, and don't forget the dishwashing after!



You’ve tried salads that make your stomach growl and your mind lethargic and miserable. Tiny sandwiches, wraps, you’ve run the gauntlet on these. None of them make you satisfyingly full, and make you dread mealtimes instead of enjoying them.

You’ve tried salads that make your stomach growl and your mind lethargic and miserable. Tiny sandwiches, wraps, you’ve run the gauntlet on these. None of them make you satisfyingly full, and make you dread mealtimes instead of enjoying them.


  • No Energy To Make Healthy Food

  • No Time To Think What's Healthy

  • Can't Figure Out What To Cook
  • Painfully Hard Making Healthy Taste Good

award winning innovation, Chef Crafted,


"Years ago I saw the Vite Ramen booth at a convention....and passed it. In my head I thought "Oh, this is just expensive ramen. It's a gimmick. I can get ramen cheaper." What a mistake that was. The next convention I went to they were there with a game. I won a pack of ramen and they won me over as a customer. Anytime I saw them at a convention I would buy ramen from them. When I found out they had an online store I started purchasing there. My entire family loves Vite Ramen to the point that we have Vite Ramen drawers in the pantry and never miss a new version or new flavor."

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Naked Noods Starter Set
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120 BRICKS of Naked Noods
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Naked Noods - 12 Pack
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Naked Noods - 24 Pack
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Naked Noods gets Zhong Sauce
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Naked Noods heats up with Xtra Spicy Chili Crisp
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Fly By Jing XTRA Spicy Chili Crisp
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Fly By Jing Zhong Sauce



“Naked Noods are the best. I love these healthy noodles, and we use them instead of regular pasta frequently for easy meals. We really like that we can add whatever we want to them and cook them up differently.”


“I’m a simple man, really, having a quick, tasty noodle I can just doctor and enjoy is a huge win. I’ve got a cabinet full of assorted stuff I throw on Naked Noods, gochujangs, various Fly By Jing condiments, sambals, sometimes I just holy trinity (butter salt pepper) a brick and call it a day, Old Bay noods, the world is my oyster, my extremely simple, tasty oyster.”


“I can add them to any dish that calls for plain noodles and know that I'm getting at least some nutrition, rather than normal noodles—even for mac & cheese!”

"Everyone deserves to be healthy, and we should be creating more options for people to be able to fit healthy, as defined by them, into their lifestyles."

-  Tim Zheng, CEO, Vite Ramen & Naked Noods


Made with passion.

made to order.

Our ramen is Made To Order to help with supply chains! That means we figure out what supplies we can get, set inventories accordingly, and then take orders. Afterwards, we'll take the order information and sort it to get everything made that needs to be made!

This means that production will start after you order, and may take 2-4 weeks, and sometimes more depending on supply chains.

Once a batch closes, all orders past that date will be part of the next MTO batch. We’ll be working on just the first batch until we’re through with that, then move onto the next batch, closing up orders for the next batch, and so on and so forth.



Introducing the MYWTMRADYGASFTPDYO System, or “The More You Wait The More Rewards And Discounts You Get And Sometimes Free Things Plus Double Your Order” system.

Basically, the longer you have to wait for your order, the more you get rewarded! And we’re putting it all up front, so you can look at it and know that you’re guaranteed these rewards if you’re waiting longer than usual for your order.

Want to know exactly how that works? Check out the button here:

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

How is Naked Noods made?

Our ramen is actually resistant to sogginess because of the high protein. It's dried not fried, removing additional fats nobody (no body) needs or wants. In fact, we custom built our own industrial microwave to perfectly heat, steam, and remove water from our noodles, leaving them ready to quickly cook when rehydrated. 

What makes Naked Noods special?

We also make our own kansui, which gives our noodles that unsurpassable bite and chew. What is kansui, you ask? It’s alkaline water used in traditional ramen making which strengthens the gluten formations, giving noodles a chewy texture and distinctive yellow hue.

Are Naked Noods vegan/plant-based/halal/gluten free/low carb?

Our Naked Noods and Nanoboost are both vegan/plant-based and, to the best of our understanding, halal. However, it should be noted that they are not certified halal/kosher. Our noodles are also not gluten free or low carb, though it is often requested that we attempt to make gluten free or low carb noodles, we do not have the manufacturing capabilities needed to create this kind of product at this time.

How do you get so much protein into Naked Noods? 

We use special rollers instead of extruders, because all of that protein makes it difficult to work the dough. That’s why they told us we couldn’t do it. So, we designed our own production line. We do it the (very) hard way of pushing it through rollers gradually to thin the dough out for the best bite and texture. Special grooves on the initial rollers help align the protein strands and laminate the layers together. All that protein makes this process incredibly hard to do! This also means there's nothing else like this out there! 

Why is the noodle curly?

Naked Noods are curled, because curly noodles are superior to straight noodles in so many ways! They absorb more broth in each bite than a straight nood, sending small shots of joy into your tastebuds. Curly noodles are also ideal for thicker broths because of this. The wavy shape allows more noodles to fit into a smaller package, and they are far less likely to stick to each other during cooking. Shall I go on? They cook more evenly, have better flavor and taste, and are less fragile than their stick straight cousins.