Buy Catboy Nood Water – Vite Ramen

We're Award Winning for Innovation

In Food & Agribusiness... Seriously.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill bathwater, this is bathwater with Vite's special technology:

This is a Catboy Bath Water Catcentrate Pawder.

Nyanoboost and Catboy Nood Water aren't the only things we've created... see more in the button below.

No Comparison

We're not saying Catboy Nood Water and Nyanoboost will help turn you into a cyberpunk catboy with katanas, but we have no proof that it won't turn you into one either.

What's in the bottle?

Each Catboy Nood Water comes with:

- Catcentrate Pawder

- Beeg Bottle

- The faint scent of having shamelessness