Vite Ramen Version 1.1 Full Patch Notes

Vite Ramen Version 1.1 Full Patch Notes

v1.1 Patch Notes

Hey everyone! Vite Ramen is not meant to be your standard, immutable product. Instead, we’re constantly iterating and making it better, whether it's the nutritional standpoint, ease of use, flavors, or more! What that means is that we’re going to be trying to do updates and upgrades on it every so often. The first change we’re making is to improve the flavors, while still staying within the sodium range!

This change comes because of two things: First, we were running out of our v1.0 soups, and figured it’d be a good time to upgrade the flavors based off our new experience and knowledge (by the way, trade shows are awesome). Second, when we reached out to one of the suppliers of our primary ingredients in our soups, we didn’t get a response.

Because of that, our other supplies are still based off the v1.0 recipe, meaning the nutrition facts are a little different. V1.1 has more potassium than v1.0, for instance! Nothing has been reduced-- just have more nutrients on certain sections!

We’ve heard the feedback on subscribers feeling like there’s no real reason to be subscribed, and we heard you on that. I thought I’d give a bit of background on why that is-- Currently, in our Shopify system, we have a very basic program that allows for a subscription service to be used. We added it in the very beginning, as it was cheap, and weren’t really able to pay for the much more expensive, but robust, system.

Now, we’d like to reward subscribers for your belief in us, and we’re currently in the process of migrating everyone over to the new system that allows us to have more tiered rewards! We might make some mistakes along the way, so let us know if anything goes wrong as this happens.

One of the new perks we’d like to roll out for subscribers is to give subscribers early access to ALL new things we’re doing, from new version launches to new apparel to whatever else may be in the works!

-- Tim



What’s Changed?

  • New pouch! Tragically, they did a glossy finish instead of the matte one we wanted but on the bright side(get it?), it’s super shiny now!
  • It’s also RECYCLABLE!
  • The name Vegan Mushroom Shio has been retired! Replaced with our new Vegan Miso (below)!
  • Nutrition facts upgraded on all flavors to reflect our new recipes
  • Fewer packets! ;3 Our nutrients are now completely integrated into our soup base!
  • Wrestled with the vitamins and minerals to reduce the flavor that some people taste!
  • New East Coast Shipping! We’re now shipping out of a West Coast AND East Coast distribution center, so East Coast noodle lovers will now have significantly cheaper shipping!
  • Curly Noodles! This has been integrated quite a bit of time ago but never got an “official” announcement, so here it is. These noodles have significantly improved texture and taste, due to better gluten formation and the fact that soup sticks better to its greater surface area. Look carefully, and you’ll even see a little “soup channel” that runs alongside the noodle to better pick up broth flavors!
  • Subscribers will automatically be changed over to v1.1!

NEW: MSG Added!

  • That’s right, we’re taking a stand against pseudoscience. We have a full writeup of this change available on our blog!
  • GSM removed to fulfill alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange

NEW: Vegan Miso

  • Nutrition facts updated to reflect v1.1 recipe
  • Our previous “Vegan Mushroom Shio” soup base came from our old supplier, and because they didn’t respond to us, we came up with an all-new recipe!
  • We removed the “mushroom” aspect to the name to help clear up the flavor-- we never intended for this flavor to be incredibly mushroom-y (and it wasn’t!), and we ended up having a lot of people confused by the inclusion of mushroom in the name.
  • We wanted to move away from any kind of non-transparent recipe base, which was the case for v1.0. As we learned more on how to operate a supply chain and found more suppliers for R&D, we were able to make our own mix completely from scratch!
  • Put Miso and Mushroom in a cage match to the death.
  • Miso won.
  • There wasn’t mush-room for both of them

Garlic Pork

  • Nutrition facts updated to reflect v1.1 recipe
  • More Garlic!
  • Like twice as much
  • Porkier and more savory
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Garlic Pork to teleport to unintended locations
  • To clarify they couldn’t teleport before either
  • That you know of

Soy Sauce Chicken

  • Nutrition facts updated to reflect v1.1 recipe
  • More Soy
  • More Chicken
  • Same amount of Sauce
  • Fewer exclamation points
  • Actually redesigned from the ground up
  • Roasted chicken really hard
  • Chicken was crying at the end
  • But we gave chicken a hug
  • We good

Anyway, that’s all we got for now-- Keep an eye out for blog posts that will start coming out again after... y’know... a year! There, I’ll be discussing more on flavor philosophy, where all that theory breaks down when trying to purchase things, and the wonderful world of manufacturing. We hope to be able to provide more insight and transparency into the manufacturing process!

Speaking of which, here's a behind the scenes tour of who we are and how we make Vite Ramen!

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