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ZEntreya Spicy Tonkotsu

Spicy and tastefully thick, each nutrient rich, high protein bite transports you to a bustling, neon-lit night market. Brimming with vibrant flavors that emphasize the passion and care in every bowl, this expertly crafted pork stock is bursting with collagen and melds seamlessly with savory chicken broth, creating a rich foundation to express the fiery, forceful collaboration with birdseye chile and roasted garlic. All that flavor and nutrition is wrapped in a subtle whisper of smoke, finished with a delicate blend of spices and herbs that balances the decadent, lingering finish, beckoning you to relish each spoonful until the very last drop.

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Knife Specs

Weight: 118g
Blade Length: 8 inches
Blade Height: 40mm
Blade Core Steel: VG10
Blade Hardness: Aprox 61 HRC
Outer Pattern Steel: SUS420/VG10 ZenVector Damascus
Handle Scale Material: "Circuit Breaker" Copper Infused Resin, Crimson C-tek
Total Length: 13.5 inches
Spine Thickness: 1.8mm
Bevel Angle: Aprox 10-12 degrees per side

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