Rule number one: Do NOT talk about Vite Club!
Rule number one: Do NOT talk about Vite Club!
Vite Club is our way of working together with amazing communities, incredible organizations, and outstanding individuals looking to add some ramen to their streams, prize pools, or stomachs! Whether you're looking to host an event, an individual looking to become a partner, or an organization looking for a sponsorship, we're ready to take you on! To get started, please take a moment to fill out the relvant form below! Each one has its own unique perks and benefits, so read each one carefully!

Individual Partnership

Are you an aspiring streamer, content creator, or want to rep Vite Ramen on your campus? We want to work together with you! Being a partner with us means you’ll have our support! We’ll supply you with meals to keep on doing what you love, swag to give back to those who support you, and our support in helping you achieve even greater heights! Apply with the form below and tell us a bit more about you!

Organizational Sponsorship

Whether you're a professional or amateur org, we've got you! We know what it’s like to start small and needing some help growing. Need food for your starving tier 2 esports org? Need that first sponsorship to help get the others interested? We’ll be more than happy to talk about what we can do for you! Fill out the form below and tell us more about you and your org!

Vite Club Events

Looking to beef up your community’s upcoming Halo tournament with more prizes? Let us help you load up the prize pool with swag and noodles from us! Be a part of Vite Club Events and we’ll send you a drop of awesome swag for prize support. Tell us about you and your upcoming event with the form below and we’ll work with you on making it packed with ramen goods.

Disclaimer: We review each application on a case-by-case basis, and we'll contact you within a week of your application submission! Hang tight, we'll get back to you soon™! This program is still in its beta testing, so we're still working out the wrinkles!