Naked Noods - 12 Pack - Timeless – Vite Ramen
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Naked Noods - 12 Pack - Timeless
Your Culinary Canvas - Naked Noods
  • 2 packs of 6 Naked Noods (12 count total)
High in plant-based protein, these quick cooking robust noodles stand up to anything you throw at them without going soggy! With essential nutrients like iron, B-vitamins, and fiber, Naked Noods are perfect to create perfect stir fries and soups, reinvigorate leftovers, or make crazy wild inventions like noodle burgers or the base of a pizza! Simple single serving sizes means never having to guess how much to make anymore!

Allergens Include:

*Please Note: Dehydrated noodles are fragile and some breakage along the edges may occur during shipping. Each noodle is still complete and perfectly fine!