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A pack of Vite Ramen, Vegan Japanese Curry sitting on a background of wood shiplap.  The text

Brimming with warm, comfy flavors, this ramen exudes an unmatched complexity through the use of over 15 different spices. From Cumin to Cardamon, from Fenugreek to Cloves and much more, each spice has been carefully selected of the highest quality, expertly blended together for a curry that seems to coax new flavors and expressions from every bite. Savory, approachable, and comforting, these spices synergize with the nutritional density Vite Ramen is well known for to create a flavor that will warm your heart as much as it does your body, leaving you content and satisfied long after you've had the last bite.

9x packs of Vite Ramen Vegan Japanese Curry

Allergens: Wheat, Soy