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9 Pack - Beef Pho v3.0 - Timeless

Is this pho traditional and crafted according to an old traditional recipe? No.

Our Beef Pho flavor isn’t here to replicate, or replace, the delicious bowls of clear brown broths from the local hole in the wall spot. It’s not designed to taste just like the experiences of those who grew up in Vietnam, or the flavors of those who have dedicated themselves to that particular craft. This pho is, unequivocally, unapologetically, the pho as made by us, the Asian Americans creating our own place in the world, the pho created as a culmination of our team’s experiences, tastes, and skills, the pho that the diverse Vite Kitchens team from all kinds of walks of life and backgrounds made together.

A heartwarming, comforting soup with notes of deeply roasted ginger, onion, and beef bone gives way to a spiced, complex aroma with star anise, cardamon, and sweet ceylon cinnamon. Evocative scents of Makrut Lime leaf and Chinese Five Spice are masterfully infused with a touch of soy sauce for a one-of-a-kind experience that can only be found with the blended Asian-American experiences our team bring to the table. Each unique member of our team brings a taste of their upbringing and ancestors into the mix, from North Vietnam to South Vietnam to Coastal China for a pho-style ramen. Something new, yet something familiar-- A pho-ramen, a faux-pho, and a continuation of the boundaries we push with Vite Ramen and what we can do.

Read about our Asian American journey in developing this unique Beef Pho here:

Allergens: Wheat, Soy