27g Complete Protein

Lipids-Icon Yellow.png

12g Fat


65g Net Carbohydrates


Every vitamin your body needs

The best way to take your vitamins, bar none. Vite Ramen packs a whopping 25% DV or more of every essential vitamin and mineral you need in forms your body can actually use. All in a single pack of instant ramen.


27g protein in every packet

With 27 grams or more of complete protein in each packet, Vite Ramen has as much protein as 4 oz of steak or 12 oz of tofu! Impossible, you say? Our unique blend of flours includes grains like quinoa to make a robust vegan protein source that'll keep you satisfied and feeling great.


Proudly made in the USA.

We proudly make every single packet right here in the USA. The price of the noodles comes from high quality ingredients, paying our employees a living wage and refusing to exploit them for profit, and sourcing within the USA for suitability.


Real flavors. Real science.

When chefs and nutritionists work together, great things happen. Our team of chefs have experience in Michelin Star restaurants, and our UC Davis Clinical Nutrition alumni have partnered with Registered Dietitian Professor Joan Frank, M.S. R.D. to bring you the best of both worlds.


Balanced Macronutrients

Need steady energy and strength? We’ve got you covered. Vite Ramen has high protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and fiber to balance out the carbs. Our macronutrients are calculated so they fall well within The National Academy of Medicine's recommended Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ratios.


Bioavailable Nutrients

Magnesium oxide and magnesium gluconate are both just magnesium, right? Not at all. Magnesium oxide just doesn’t absorb well into the body. We make sure that every nutrient we have is bioavailable and doesn’t just look good on the nutrition facts; it actually gets to work inside your body.


Complete Proteins

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and just like a puzzle, every piece needs to be there to be complete. We pack a one-two punch with the complete proteins present in quinoa as well as fortifying wheat with L-lysine, meaning that your body will always have the ingredients it needs to be strong and healthy.


Less Sodium, Less Junk

Vite Ramen is shelf stable because it uses cutting edge microwave dehydration techniques, not because it has artificial preservatives. We've lowered the sodium, eliminated the preservatives and eliminated deep frying as well. Feel good about eating instant ramen again!

Ready to taste all that science?



  • Can I get Vite Ramen in stores?

    • We’re not selling in retail stores yet, as that would significantly increase the price because of all the middlemen involved! Selling online is how we can manage to keep the prices fair and be able to pay everyone a living wage.

  • Is this really a full meal for less than fast food?

    • Yup! We’re hungry people; the portion size is substantial, and with all the protein and fiber, is designed to be a hearty, filling meal!

  • How often will these noods show up if I get a subscription?

    • You can choose between once a month, once every two months, or once every three months! There’s no commitment, and you can cancel at any time. You’re not locked in either so you can always get more if you run out!

  • Do you offer international shipping?

    • It's something we're looking into! Every country has its own rules about what is and isn't ok, and we need to make sure we're up to the task! Our plan is to go one country at a time, and you can be certain you'll hear about it on our social media when the time comes!

  • Is it vegan/halal/gluten free/low carb?

    • The Mushroom Shio flavor is both vegan and halal, the chicken and pork are not. We would love to consider gluten free and low carb variants in the future once we're able to have more room and new machines to make them. We want to be proud of our noodles, so we stick to strict quality standards!

  • How long does this last in my pantry?

    • Our ramen has a shelf life of 9 months from the time it’s made, no refrigeration or preservatives needed!

  • What’s the first rule of Vite Club?

    • Tell everyone about Vite Club (and earn rewards for doing it!) We have a referral program as well as a loyalty points program that allows you to get everything from 15% off, to free shipping, to free noods!

  • How do I pronounce Vite?

    • Just take a big 'Vite' out of our noodles. Like “Bite”, but with a V. One syllable!

  • Holy crap this is the only thing I’m going to eat can I live off nothing but Vite Ramen?

    • We recommend that you don't, and to maintain a healthy balance of regular foods such as fruits and vegetables. While Vite Ramen contains all of the macro and micronutrients your body needs, it doesn't contain certain non-essential compounds that may still impact your health. It's still important to eat a variety of foods; we just hope to make the times where you can't a little bit easier!

  • This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever heard how have I not heard of this earlier?!

    • It's hard to stand out when it's next to something as awesome as you :D

Curiosity sated, breath bated, long awaited?