25g Complete Protein*

27g+ Complete Protein

10g Lipids*

12g Lipids

40g Carbohydrates*

65g Net Carbohydrates


Numbers Matter

It’s no secret that regular instant ramen is a nutritional wasteland. Vite Ramen has more than three times the amount of iron than standard instant ramen, and magnitudes more than the amount of otherwise nonexistent vitamins in regular instant ramen.

Vite DV Graph1update.png

Every Vitamin Your Body Needs

25% DV or more of every vitamin and mineral, plus a little extra for the vitamins that might face some heat degradation. If you want maximum nutrition, wait for the soup to cool a little before adding in the Noodtrient™ packet, but even if you don’t want to wait, you’ll still get most of the vitamins and minerals in the packet!



It's been a full year since our Kickstarter finished with an amazing amount of support from over 4,200 backers! We’ve been on ground zero at our facility since day one, dusting ourselves in drywall rubble, scraping tile, scrubbing floors, and spending hundred of hours making recipes and trying to make this dream come true.

We're incredibly proud to bring you the noodles that we've been dreaming about since our start in our tiny college apartment.

Thank you all so much for your support. We're staggered that so many of you believe in us and we're constantly improving and striving to make the best noodles we possibly can!


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Balanced Macronutrients

Need steady energy and strength? We’ve got you covered. Vite Ramen has high protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and fiber to balance out the carbs. Our macronutrients are calculated so they fall well within The National Academy of Medicine's recommended Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Ratios.


Bioavailable Nutrients

Magnesium oxide and magnesium gluconate are both just magnesium, right? Not at all. Magnesium oxide just doesn’t absorb well into the body. We make sure that every nutrient we have is bioavailable and doesn’t just look good on the nutrition facts; it actually gets to work inside your body.



Vitamins and minerals aren’t invincible. We utilize advanced microencapsulation technology to provide a protective matrix around our most fragile nutrients to help protect them from the harmful effects of oxygen, light, and heat.


Complete Proteins

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and just like a puzzle, every piece needs to be there to be complete. We pack a one-two punch with the complete proteins present in quinoa as well as fortifying wheat with L-lysine, meaning that your body will always have the ingredients it needs to be strong and healthy.


Less Sodium, Less Junk

Vite Ramen is shelf stable because it uses cutting edge microwave dehydration techniques, not because it has artificial preservatives. We've lowered the sodium, eliminated the preservatives and eliminated deep frying as well. Feel good about eating instant ramen again!


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(Updated 9.28.2018)